The Audience

Capital FM - the UK's No.1 hit music station

Capital doesn’t just play the hits - it makes and breaks them. It was the UK’s first national, commercial, hit music radio station, and today reaches 7.4 million people every single week. First and foremost, Capital’s listeners tune in for the music and the brand’s lifestyle. They’re a mainstream early majority audience who are always among the first to know about new hit music.

The Map


Capital’s Network led by London’s 95.8 Capital FM - broadcasts from key areas around the UK;

  1. Capital London, 95.8 FM
  2. Capital Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh)*, 105-106 FM
  3. Capital North East (Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough), 105-106 FM
  4. Capital Yorkshire (Leeds, Sheffield, Kingston Upon Hull), 105 FM
  5. Capital Manchester, 102 FM
  6. Capital East Midlands (Derby, Leicester, Nottingham), 96-106 FM
  7. Capital Birmingham, 102.2 FM
  8. Capital South Wales (Cardiff, Newport, The Valleys)*, 97.4/103.2 FM
  9. Capital South Coast (Southampton, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight), 103.2 FM
  10. Capital North West &Wales (Anglesey & Gwynedd, North Wales Coast, Wirral, Wrexham and Cheshire), 95-106 FM
  11. Capital Liverpool, 107.6 FM

* Owned by Communicorp UK, through brand licence

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Where better to find the biggest and best songs of the moment, the hottest showbiz interviews, what's happening around town locally and in all major cities across the UK.

The majority of the Capital audience are female at 60%.

Capital's listeners are huge fans of the world of popular music entertainment. They are media savvy, on trend and use Capital to be the first of their mates 'in the know' on the very latest glamour, glitz and gossip.

It's no coincidence that 58% of those who tune in to Capital are aged between 15-34 and make up the main target audience for the station.

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Capital RAJAR Headlines

Capital, the UK's no.1 hit music station, reaches 7.4 million weekly listeners across the UK

Capital Network (UK) reaches 7.4 million listeners!

Capital London now reaches 2.1 million, with listeners tuning in for a total of 9.8 million hours. Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp is London’s no.1 commercial breakfast show, reaching 1.1 million listeners every week for a total of 2.4 million hours.

Capital Manchester reaches 521,000 listeners every week. Capital Manchester Breakfast With Rob Ellis now reaches 286,000 listeners every week for a total of 763,000 hours.

Capital Yorkshire now reaches 1 million listeners every week for a total of 6.2 million hours.

Capital Birmingham now reaches 425,000. Capital Birmingham Breakfast With Rob & Matilda now reaches 237,000 listeners every week, for a total of 555,000 hours.

Capital North East now reaches 470,000 listeners every week. Capital North East Breakfast With Bodg, Matt & Hannah now reaches 278,000 listeners (+7% YoY) every week for a total of 573,000 hours.

Capital East Midlands now reaches 555,000 listeners every week (+4% YoY). Capital East Midlands Breakfast With Dino & Pete now reaches 309,000 listeners every week (+5% YoY).

Capital South Coast now reaches 256,000 listeners every week for a total of 1.3 million hours (+13% YoY).

Capital Liverpool now reaches 181,000 listeners every week.

Source: RAJAR Q4 2017, all stations and groups results are reported on their specified reporting period and TSA.

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