The Audience

Playing the greatest hits of all time, all day long.

The Gold Network was created to appeal to an audience that was underserved by UK radio, reaching 1,168,000 across 3 local areas. Gold listeners are mature, knowledgeable and devoted to music, and they really can’t get enough of what they hear. Put simply, they demand quality, they love humour and they often have lives that are as busy as the station itself.

The Map

The greatest hits, all across the UK.

Hungry for music knowledge, our listeners are taken back to the roots of music through tracks from iconic artists.

The Gold Network broadcasts in 3 local areas (Analogue and Digital Radio licences) to an audience of over 1 million listeners per week.

Gold is committed to playing the greatest hits of all time and keeping listeners informed with regular regional weather reports and a comprehensive local news service for Wales.

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Who's loving a bit of Gold?

Gold plays a fantastic mix of classic tracks from decade defining artists and eras. It's no wonder then that the station is loved by a loyal and mature audience in practically equal measures by men and women.

As a national network, Gold is made up of a core audience of 45-64 year olds. In fact, 78% of Gold listeners are 45+.

Gold is now reaching 1,168,000 listeners per week.

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Gold RAJAR Headlines

Gold is now reaching 1,168,000 listeners for a total of 9,214,000 hours. People are listening for an average of 7.9 hours per week each.

Source: RAJAR Q2 2017, all stations and groups results are reported on their specified reporting period and TSA.

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