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Leading Britain's Conversation reaches 2 million listeners.

Upmarket, mature, intelligent - let’s talk about the LBC listeners. They're the kind of consumers that advertisers love. On average, listeners tune in to LBC for 10.6 hours each week. They want to listen to the conversation and the banter - and more importantly they want to engage with us, and each other, and talk about it. So if you have a message, LBC could be the place to broadcast it.

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LBC was the first commercial independent local radio station. It began broadcasting on 8 October 1973 and has remained the 'Voice of London' ever since.

LBC broadcasts across the UK on DAB and in London on FM, so you will be able to pick it up wherever you are in the UK.

LBC News 1152AM is LBC’s sister station with non-stop news for London.

You can also catch LBC on digital TV:

LBC is available on Sky Digital channel 0112 and Virgin Media channel 973.

LBC News 1152 is available on Sky Digital channel 124 and Virgin Media channel 965.

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Look who's talking!

LBC has been broadcasting for 40 years in the greatest city in the world. It's aimed at upmarket, mature, intelligent consumers LBC and has a core audience of 30+ adults.

As a result, the station has built up quite an army of listeners, spanning different generations, backgrounds and gender.

Currently, 59% of listeners are male and 41% female with 60% coming from an ABC1 background who are at a stage in their life where they are interested in more than just music.

Surveys have shown that 90% of listeners regularly discuss the things they hear on LBC, and these numbers are backed up by the high interactivity stats that LBC enjoys.

LBC has an incredibly loyal and engaged audience who each listen for nearly 11 hours every week.

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LBC RAJAR Headlines

LBC has increased its reach by 18% year on year, reaching 2 million listeners

LBC has increased its reach by 18% year on year, reaching 2 million listeners

James O’Brien has also increased his reach and hours year on year, reaching 905,000 for a total of 3,251,000 hours (up 21% year on year)

Source: RAJAR Q2 2017, all stations and groups results are reported on their specified reporting period and TSA.

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