Privacy Policy

Last Updated 31st July 2018


1.     Who are we?

We are Global, the Media & Entertainment group. Global is Europe’s largest radio company home to some of the biggest brands in commercial radio, CapitalHeartLBCClassic FMSmoothCapital XTRA and Gold.  Our portfolio also includes our digital platform PopBuzz, TV channels, Capital TV and Heart TV, and our licensed broadcast partners, Communicorp and Adventure Radio.

This Privacy Statement explains how we collect and use information about you when you interact with our radio, TV and digital brands and this website. This could be through smart speakers, when you enter one of our competitions or when you engage with our charity activities or sales channels.

Please note our Global Player App has its own Privacy Statement which you can access here:

Global is also the second largest festival operator in the UK with a portfolio including Victorious, Snowbombing, Festival No.6, Rewind, South West Four, Field Day, Boardmasters, Y Not, Truck, Hideout, Electric Elephant, Kendal Calling and Printworks. Global also has interests in Lost Village and Standon Calling and each festival has its own privacy policy.

Any personal information that you provide to us may be shared across our brands and may be used in the ways described in this Privacy Statement. 

When you click on adverts or links which take you away from any Global website or brand app, you should know that we have no control over the content or privacy practices of those other platforms.  We advise you to check their privacy policies before providing your information to them.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or how we use your personal information please contact us at


2.     What information do we collect directly from you?

The information we collect will vary depending on how you interact and engage with us but it is likely to include your name, address, phone number, email address, user name, password, age, gender, date of birth (if appropriate), competition and survey answers and any comments you have chosen to provide. 

If you call or email any of our stations, we may also collect your location and a brief summary of your contribution or opinion.

If you use any of our brand apps or listen through a connected device online or via a smart speaker, we will also collect the following information:

 We will not normally collect any sensitive personal information from you, and will, in any event, ask for your express consent to hold this information if we need to do so.


3.     What do we use your information for?

We use your personal information:

If you would like more information regarding OBA and how to opt out, please visit

We will use your data either because you have consented for us to do so or because we have a legitimate interest in processing your information, as follows:

Legitimate interest uses



To analyse, measure and improve the services we offer.


We improve our products by tracking usage on our websites and apps. This allows us to improve the speed with which we can process your requests and allows us to remember your site preferences. 

We only use information on an aggregated basis which does not identify individuals.  The information is subject to Global’s security policies and only kept for as long as necessary before being deleted.


To create profiles for targeted advertising and marketing opportunities.



We collect information from cookies, other online activity and  third parties to help us create profiles and segments to enable us and our partners to deliver more relevant online advertising to our audience and to measure the effectiveness of that activity.

It is possible to opt out of or block the cookies that we use to undertake these activities at any time. 


To help prevent fraud and loss


Global has a legitimate interest in protecting its assets, employees and audience from fraud and, in certain circumstances, we may also have a legal obligation to prevent fraud or money laundering. We will take action to minimise any privacy intrusion when investigating suspicious incidents.


To train our staff


Global has a legitimate interest in ensuring our staff are fully trained and expert in their respective roles.  This may mean having access to personal information, but the extent of this access will be determined by the role of the individual and is subject to Global’s security policies.  All our staff receive training in information security and data protection and are subjected to confidentiality obligations.


To comply with our regulatory obligations


Global has regulatory obligations to ensure our broadcasts are free from offensive or provocative remarks and that our staff and presenters are not subject to verbal abuse.  If you call one of our stations and make rude or offensive remarks, we will keep a record and block further calls from you. Records of abusive callers are only available to a limited number of staff and such records are subject to Global’s security and confidentiality policies.




Cookies are small pieces of information that a website sends to your device while you are browsing.

We may use cookies for a number of reasons – for more information please see our Cookie Policy.

In brief we use cookies to:


4.     What information do we collect about you from other sources?

We may obtain additional information about you from third parties and from social media in the following ways.

To assist us in our marketing, including OBA, and to ensure that you receive adverts and other information that is relevant to you, we may collect your data from trusted third parties.  for example, when you’ve entered a competition or completed a survey or questionnaire and have agreed that this data may then be shared with others including Global. This information may include details about our users’ demographics, interests and classifications and be used to place users in particular groups or segments for targeting advertising. Some of this information may also have come from publicly available sources. 

Please be aware that if you log in via Facebook or Twitter you will be giving Facebook and Twitter permission to share some of your details with us depending on your privacy settings on their site. For example, if your Facebook privacy settings are set to allow it, they will provide us with your public profile which includes your name, profile picture, emails address, age range, gender, language spoken and gender.


5.     Personal Information relating to children

 We do not knowingly use the personal information of children under 13 years of age either directly or indirectly. 


6.     Who do we share your information with?


7.     How long do we keep your information for?

We will only keep your information for as long as we need to – for example, we will keep your information three months if you enter a competition to 13 months if you call into one our radio shows.


8.     Do we send your information outside the UK or European Union?

We may transfer the personal information we collect about you to countries other than the UK or the European Union.  These countries may not have the same data protection laws as the country in which you originally provided the information.  If we do need to transfer your personal information in this way we take steps to ensure that it is adequately protected for the purposes of UK and European data protection laws.   These steps will include undertaking due diligence on the recipients and putting in place contractual obligations on them to take care of your data. 

We may also use partners or recipients who are signatories to the EU-US Privacy Shield which also provides adequate protections for the purposes of European privacy laws.


9.     Your rights in relation to how we use your personal information.

Data Protection laws give you certain rights in respect of your personal information, as set out below: please note these rights do not apply in all cases and may only be exercised where Global is the data controller for your information.