The Audience


Heart is one of the most popular commercial radio brands in the UK. 9.7 million listeners tune in to Heart each week. Heart listeners are from a variety of backgrounds, including wives, husbands, parents and professionals. They’re the kind of people who make time for themselves, squeeze the most out of life, and enjoy shopping, going out, having fun and spending time with their friends and family. And that’s what makes Heart THE commercial radio station that gets advertisers’ hearts racing. Fast. Listeners connect with Heart because it stays in tune with their needs and emotions all day, every day.

The Map


Heart first launched in the West Midlands in 1994, before arriving in London in 1995.

Over the years, Heart has grown in popularity and is now the biggest commercial radio brand in the UK.

Heart covers the following areas:

  1. Heart London
  2. Heart West Midlands
  3. Heart Watford & Hemel
  4. Heart Four Counties
  5. Heart Cambridgeshire
  6. Heart Essex
  7. Heart East Anglia
  8. Heart Kent
  9. Heart Sussex
  10. Heart Solent
  11. Heart Thames Valley
  12. Heart Wiltshire
  13. Heart South West
  14. Heart Bristol & Somerset
  15. Heart Cornwall
  16. Heart Gloucestershire
  17. Heart North Wales*
  18. Heart Scotland
  19. Heart North West
  20. Heart North East
  21. Heart South Wales
  22. Heart Yorkshire*
  23. Heart North Lancashire & Cumbria

* Owned by Communicorp UK, through brand licence

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Check out the incredible Heart stats.

Heart listeners have a spark about them; the majority of listeners are female (60%) but both men and women who love Heart and are used to juggling their busy lives.

Overall, they are very social people who enjoy shopping, going out and spending time with their friends and family.

Heart's core audience is aged between 25-44. In fact, 41% of listeners can be found within this age range.

Heart listeners also a pretty loyal bunch, who tune in on average for 6.9 hours each and every week!

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Heart RAJAR Headlines

Heart is the UK's number one commercial radio brand with 9.7 million listeners tuning in across the country each week

Heart South West now reaches 366,000 listeners every week, for a total of 2.7 million hours.

Heart East Anglia now reaches 274,000 listeners every week. Heart East Anglia Breakfast with Dave & Heidi now reaches 148,000 listeners every week for a total of 442,000 hours.

Heart Cambridgeshire listeners tune in for a total of 1.4 million hours every week. With a share of 8% Heart Cambridgeshire Breakfast With Kev & Ros now reaches 111,000 listeners every week for a total of 330,000 hours.

Source: Q1 2019, all stations and groups results are reported on their specified reporting period and TSA.

Heart London now reaches 1.5 million people every week for a total of 8.8 million hours. Heart London Breakfast with Jamie & Lucy now reaches 669,000 listeners every week for a total of 1.8 million hours.

Heart West Midlands remains the number one commercial radio station in the West Midlands, reaching 635,000 listeners every week.

Heart Kent now reaches 330,000 listeners every week. Heart Kent Breakfast with James & Becky now reaches 179,000 listeners every week for a total of 567,000 hours.

Heart West Country now reaches 589,000 listeners every week for a total of 3.4 million hours.

Heart Essex is the number one commercial station in the county, reaching 324,000 listeners every week. Heart Essex Breakfast with Martin & Su now reaches 192,000 listeners, and are once again the number one commercial breakfast show in Essex.

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