On-air, online, and now outdoor.

Global’s outdoor division follows the acquisitions of Primesight, Outdoor Plus and Exterion Media.

Our new combined outdoor division holds the most diverse and complementary outdoor assets in the UK. It includes the Transport for London (TFL) advertising contract for London Underground and over 1,500 rail stations across the UK, including all four metro systems in the UK - Newcastle, Liverpool, London and Glasgow - the largest supplier of bus advertising in the UK with more than 36,000 buses, and major airport advertising partnerships including Glasgow, Manchester, Stansted and Gatwick. Finally, Global has a substantial roadside presence across the UK of both digital and classic sites, including some of London’s most iconic premium digital sites.

All told, Global has an impressive portfolio of over 250,000 outdoor advertising points across the UK.

Global is also a market leading outdoor company in Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Spain, making Global one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the UK & Europe, as well, of course, as being the largest commercial radio company in the UK.